If you are here, it means that you need a content that resonates with your target country. A content that engages the reader and builds confidence between the advertiser and the end client. Texts that are not only fluent and entirely composed but culturally accurate; therefore, they create an inherent trust and reliability.

Let me contribute to your goals since transcreation is my passion. I like hiding the smallest signs of the source language and giving the illusion that the text was originally written in Hungarian. I enjoy the main challenge of this beautiful profession: to translate not only between languages but across cultures.


My name is Netta Rozsi, I am a native Hungarian and have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2014. While volunteering in Nevers for a year I decided to start my own freelance business and am currently based in central France.

I’ve been studying English since nursery, and as the years passed it became one of my main interests. It was my main subject in high school alongside German, and during my university years I took as many English lectures as I could. I successfully passed the intermediate (B2) then the advanced level (C2) English language exams in Hungary.

Whilst at university I studied Communication and Media Studies, which prepared me for a career in journalism, specializing in electronic journalism. I studied mostly press related and social studies, like Hungarian and English Journalism, Language and Stylistics of the Press and Communication and Media Sciences. I was constantly translating and writing alongside my studies, which gave me experience in journalism and translating.

After graduating from university, I started a career as a social worker at a youth association. I would organize, manage, and facilitate international youth projects, mostly in Europe. During this time, I was able to write, speak, read, and translate English daily, adding first-hand experience to my academic qualifications.

Armed with this experience, I decided to commence my translation business. In order to equip myself with the latest technological knowledge of the translation market I attended a series of lectures held by the University of Peking on the use of machine translation. Since then I have gained experience with Trados, Smarting, Wordbee, Matecat, Memsource and more.

Following the first couple of years, I decided to specialize in creative translation and transcreation, where I can benefit from my skills and experience in journalism and creative writing. As a result of this I have had the pleasure of guiding Hungarian users on Pinterest through the web and app.

During the past few years I have gained plenty of experience in media and subtitling, been creating subtitles weekly for the European Parliament and a leading American media-service provider. My work is enhanced by my broad knowledge of American pop-culture, English slang and international films & shows. I love that my hobbies can benefit my work and add a contemporary feel.

Contact me and let me transmit your message not only between languages but across cultures.










€ 0.06 - 0.08 / source word

€ 0.04 - 0.05 / source word

€ 0.03 / word

€ 0.09 - 0.10 / source word

€ 1 / audio minute

€ 5 / video minute

€ 0.1 / word

€ 40 / hour